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Stoked is an award winning creative production company, with main offices in Beirut and the UAE. Stoked produces and facilitates commercials, TV and digital content, short films, documentaries, photoshoots, activations, and feature films across the Middle East. Since the date of its inception in 2013, Stoked has won numerous awards including 5 Cannes Lions, 14 Awards at the Dubai Lynx including 4 Grand Prix, 2 Awards at the Loeries including 1 Grand Prix and 1 Gold, One Gold Pencil at the One Show, Best Art Direction for MSF at the Webby 2020,  1 Gold at Kinsale, 1 Silver at the Clio awards, 1 Grand Prix at the WARC,  3 awards at NY Festivals, 3 Golden drum, 4 Red Apple awards, 1 Facebook Award, and 11 Cristals...

Rolls Royce Spectre

Dubai Presents Period Drama

Dubai Presents Mystery Adventure

Dubai Presents Spy Action

Dubai Presents Romantic Comedy

Dubai Presents Buddy Comedy

Drive2Extremes - Taycan Cross Tursimo x JohnnyFPV

A Journey For The Soul - Mercedes-Benz G Class DC

Porsche Panamera DC

Peugeot - The Power of Allure - DC



Johnnie Walker - Keep the Flame Alive

Mcdonald’s Jordan 20th Anniversary DC

The Waiting - ICRC

Infiniti Qx80 - Luxury better shared

Silverado Trail Boss Of Me

Mercedes SUV Range - Live the Life

Etisalat - Data Bonanza


Nissan Altima

KitKat Mini Moments

upgram - lays

Mountain to Sea _ Alfa

Ooredoo Messi #StandForGood

Handball World Cup - Emergency

Handball World Cup - Bullseye

Handball World Cup - Aliens

BIC - Cristal Story

Ford - Ecoboost Race Car

Garnier Ultra Doux

Alfa 4G _ Generation Plus

KFC - Meet the Zingers

Nescafe 3in1 - Boyfriend

Nescafe 3in1 - Phone Update

Nido - Kindness

Toyota Rav4 - Robin Hood

Nissan Maxima - Sandstorm

Ooredoo Business - Follow your business instinct

Tarsheed - Pepe

Nissan Altima 2017 - Built in Confidence

Nissan Maxima - Feel Again